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Balancing Life Through Yoga Training

By Dr. Reshmi PramodPosted On 25-Sep-2017

Yoga training is a combination of spirituality and yoga with modern scientific research training. The intention of yoga training is to deepen a personal pledge to discover self-awareness, self-discovery, and transform their own inner peace. Yoga training explores the meaning of yoga as a path of life and makes it as a life-changing wisdom. The aim of yoga training is to expand the people understanding and aware them about the ancient tradition of yoga.

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Yoga training is designed to train students about the techniques of yoga systematically and start their journey of self-awareness and self-development. Yoga training is considered as a life making, man making, character building and adaptation of ideas. Yoga training helps to understand the new and innovative ways to learn yoga asanas. The goal of yoga training is to equally put emphasis on all aspects of yoga with its therapeutic and psychical aspects.

Benefits of yoga training

Provides great self-awareness and consciousness

Provides capability to synergize a person’s body, mind, and soul

Explains the philosophy of yoga

Explain the benefits of yogic stress management and prevention of stress associated ailments

Introduce the Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and anatomy

Improves all health quotients such as mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social

Explain the benefits of asanas

Develop teaching methodology for yoga

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Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and research center, Cochin is an ideal place to receive yoga training, practices and guidance. The institute provides engagement of all aspects of yoga. Jeevaniyam Ayurveda has provided a solid foundation to explore the true meaning of yoga and helps in yoga training. Jeevaniyam Ayurveda has qualified and experienced yoga faculties that are committed to deliver an inspiring and open education and permit to discover a person’s true interests and potential with the yogic path.

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