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Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre

The Head office of the Jeevaniyam group is located in the heart of Cochin city. The hospital is specialized in providing Ayurveda treatment along with integrated therapies and various rehabilitation services for the differently-abled. The hospital has a specialized department for paediatrics as well as Ayurveda & General Medicine. The department of General Medicine is specialised in stroke rehabilitation management and lifestyle disorder with a blend of Ayurveda physiotherapy, yoga, counselling etc. We are equipped with both outpatient and inpatient facilities with a team of committed professionals.

About us

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Aswini Hospital and Maternity Centre

The Aswini hospital and Maternity care is located in the vicinity of Calicut district. Dr M Baskaran who is the father of Dr Reshmi Pramod is the founder and managing director of Aswini. He has the experience and has been providing health care services for more than 40 years. The hospital is well equipped with multidisciplinary systems of medical practice. Besides modern medicine, the hospital has a well-equipped dental unit, Ayurveda wing and departments of integrated therapies. The hospital has around 20 IP facilities with a 24/7 functioning outpatient facility

About us

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