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Dr. Reshmi Pramod (Founder, CEO of Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital, Promoter Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust)


The motive force behind Jeevaniyam is Dr Reshmi Pramod, a qualified Ayurveda Doctor hailing from an illustrious family of traditional Vaidyas, who has dedicated her life to the study of neuro-developmental disorders affecting children. Her unparalleled passion and commitment stems from the fact that she herself is a differently abled person, having lost her eye-sight about 15 years ago. The trauma she encountered through this mid-life disablement and the role of modern assistive technology in transforming her from being a handicapped person into a fully productive and confident medical professional made Dr Reshmi realize her mission in life – give hope and a new lease of life to special children and their shell-shocked and agitated parents.


Dr Reshmi Pramod
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Medical Officer

Dr. Anjana Mohan

She joined Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research centre in 2020 as Medical Officer. Besides providing consultation and assessments she is keenly involved in educating the parents on how to train the special child through an integrated approach.

Vaishnavi shiva Rehabilitation officer

Rehabilitation officer

Ms. Vaishnavi Shiva

Ms. Vaishnavi joined Jeevaniyam in 2021. After her graduation, she has done a fellowship in neuro rehabilitation and is highly experienced and committed in handling ortho and neuro pediatrics as well as assessing the sensory processing disorders,  and working on sensory integration therapies and sensory stimulation therapy. after realising her administer innate talent, has value added to her professional life and designated as Rehabilitation officer of the integrated department from 2022.

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Clinical Psychologist

Mrs Rakhi R

Mrs Rakhi R is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who joined Jeevaniyam in 2020. She is well trained in both Psychological Assessments and Psychotherapy for Children and Adults with various developmental, Neurological and Psychiatric conditions.

Arathy Krishna Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher

Ms Arathy Krishna

She is the head of the department of education rehabilitation and also leads “Learning Ladder” the unique concept of Jeevaniyam, where children are natured and trained with love, support and compassion.

Ms Priyanka

Head Of The Department – Physiotherapy


Ms. Priyanka S. joined Jeevaniyam in 2018 as the head of the Department of Physiotherapy. She has been able to earn recognition from parents of children with special needs for commitment and compassion service. She is highly experienced in handling neuro and ortho pediatrics.


Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Silvy Mary Sojan

She is a certified Audiologist and Speech Language pathologist. She joined Jeevaniyam ayurveda hospital in 2022 after completing her post-graduation. She is ever ready to help children as well as adults who have physical, behavioural or emotional disturbances that affect their communication abilities.

Meghna Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Megha Kurup

She has completed her post graduation with a certified RCI registration of speech and language pathologist. She completed an internship from NIMHANS Hospital Bangalore. She joined Jeevaniyam ayurveda hospital in 2022. She has interests in working and research among children’s and adults with neuro-developmental disorder. Her passion towards giving valuable support and guidance to improving better communication abilities among them.

Teena thomas special educator

Special Education Teacher

Mrs Teena T M

Completed her diploma in special education in mental retardation, Teena has been working with kids since 2013. she has had experience in dealing with kids with autism, behavioural issues and intellectual disabilities.



Dr.Saranya M K

A passionate Ayurveda doctor who has experience in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery for more than five years. She has been trying to increase her understanding by using her knowledge and talents in the medical field to take back the life of many from being destructed.



Ms Nishitha

Nishitha  has been seeking to make a difference in the lives of her patience through improving their self-confidence and helping them through life’s problems. As a Certified psychologist, she specializes in Behavioral Management, Handling Children’s with Learning Disorders, AutismRehabilitation, Independent Living Skill training, special needs training & MR.

Sarika Psycologist



Ms K T Sarika joined Jeevaniyam in 2020 as a Psychologist. She is a clinical and counselling psychologist who is training on Behavioral modification for various Autistic conditions and Early intervention techniques.


Ayurvedic Physician & Yoga Trainer

Dr Jeeshna Gangadharan

She is a Consultant Ayurvedic Physician and Yoga Trainer in Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center Ernakulam Dist, Kerala where she is specializing in Autism Management and Yoga Training for Autistic people.

Hasna Psychologist


Mrs Hasna N

Hasna strongly believes that “What we sometimes see as a failure to BEHAVE properly, is actually a failure to COMMUNICATE properly” She thrives to help the children with behaviour disruptions. She pays keen attention in understanding challenging behaviours (self-destructive, unhealthy behaviours) and creates a healthy practical goal that can also help parents to manage the children in the best possible ways.

Aneena Physiotherapist


Ms Aneena Isaac

Aneena joined jeevaniyam in 2022. She completed her Bachelors in physiotherapy in 2017. Her compassion and dedication towards her field makes her stand out and efficient.

special education teacher

Special Education Teacher

Mrs Priyanka. K

Mrs Priyanka. K joined jeevaniyam in 2021. Special Education Department of Learning Ladder at jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research centre Supporting the children to cope up with the school environment, ADL etc.


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