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Ayurveda is the famous traditional system of medicine practised in India thousands of years ago. The word implies the science of life in Sanskrit. It has many classic texts elaborated on the ways to maintain health and cure the disease. It is a treasure of knowledge with a detailed description of numerous diseases and their treatment. Ayurveda mentions the definition of health not as mere absence of disease but physical, mental and emotional well being with social harmony. Regular cleansing of body and mind is needed to maintain a clean body and a clear mind. Ayurveda suggests an ideal daily routine & seasonal regimen for all healthy individuals as part of maintaining health, thus preventing diseases. 

Ayurveda has eight specialities in which Kaumarabhritya deals with modern paediatric conditions. Ayurveda strongly believes that hereditary and genetic factors can cause disease with or without environmental support. Many instructions are given to coupe who wishes to have a baby. Antenatal and post-natal care are also elaborated with given importance to the health of both mother & baby, and prevention of any infections .

Neuro-degenerative disorders are considered as the clinical manifestation of an angry Vaata dosha, one among the mighty tridoshas or basic functional units in most cases. Though it is stated that controlling Vaata is a difficult task, many medicines & therapies are there to be done in such cases. Ayurveda can give wonderful results in differentially abled children when united with supportive & integrated therapies. Proper diet, lifestyle modifications and organic herbal formulations can help the child’s body systems function in a better way.  


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Ayurveda Treatment Procedures

Nasayam ayurveda treatment


This is the administration of medicated ghee, oil, or decoction through the nostrils.

  • Benefits: stimulates smell and taste, improves vision, cures sleep disorders, improves speech production, helps in clarity of mind and thought, reduces complaints like upper respiratory tract infection, recurrent rhinitis, allergies etc.

Udwarthanam ayurveda treatment


This is powder massage on the body with dried roasted and powdered herbs in a rhythmic pattern.

  • Benefits: helps better tactile integration, acts as a detoxification procedure, corrects metabolism and blood flow, improves the mobility of the joints.



In this procedure, specific medicinal herbs are made into a paste in buttermilk and applied over the scalp and then the scalp is wrapped with banana leaves and cloth.

  • Benefits: highly beneficial in neurotic disorders. Helps improve sleep, attention and memory. Reduces irritability, restlessness and tantrums.

Ksheeradara ayurveda treatment


In this therapy, medicated milk is poured over the body and head for a stipulated time in a rhythmic pattern.

  • Benefits: Reduces hyperactivity and stress, corrects sleep pattern, enhances the digestive process and prevents indigestion, improves the clarity of thoughts, regulates energy (Ojas) etc.



It is a special body massage with medicated oil

  • Benefits: improves proper circulation, gives better physical strength, improves vision, regulates sleep pattern. It is used to improve overall health.



It is done by immersing the body in medicated decoction or oil to relax the whole body.

  • Benefits: good for sensory integration, relieves constipation and urinary infection, good for relaxation.

dhoopanam ayurveda


It is the fumigation of the bedroom with medicated powder before sleep

  • Benefits: good for sensory stimulation, induces sleep, acts as a disinfectant.

paadaa abyangam ayurveda

Paadaa abyangam

foot massage

Benefits: improves sleep patterns. Reduces irritability and stress.

orofacial massage ayurveda

Mukhaabhyangam or Orofacial massage

Special massages over the cheeks gum and tongue with Ayurveda medicines

Benefits: helps in speech stimulation, corrects oral sensory issues, improves the strength of facial muscles.

sirou pichu

Siro Pichu

Cotton swap dipped in medicated oil is placed on the vertex after head massage

Benefits: Improves sleep pattern and concentration. Reduces irritability and stress. Relaxes the body and mind.



herbal powder mixed with medicated oil is applied on the vertex

  • Benefits: Reduces anger and irritability. Reduces recurrent respiratory infections and improves sleep patterns.

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