Cerebral Palsy – A parent’s Journey in Raising a Child


Cerebral Palsy – A parent’s Journey in Raising a Child

Since every child with cerebral palsy has a different experience, there is no one-size-fits-all piece of advice on how to raise and care for children with cerebral palsy. It is viewed that 10% of the worldwide populace has some type of incapacity from various causes. In India, it is 3.8% of the populace. Almost 15-20% of genuinely debilitated kids are impacted by Cerebral Palsy. In India, the assessed frequency is around 3/1000 live births. Cerebral paralysis is the most well-known engine inability in adolescence.

A parent is the most integral part of the child’s journey to achieve a social smile.  With guidance from doctors, physical therapists and other health care workers, therapy time doesn’t have to end when your time slot is over. If you learn the proper ways to help your child exercise at home, you can help them stretch their muscles, build balance and reduce their pain. Parents should also learn basic techniques to relive the child’s pain while having a muscle spasm. It is important for the child to have movements at the best of their abilities so that the parents can make sure that they are active to strengthen their muscles and to reduce their muscle spasms.

Parents should also make sure that they should improve the child’s exposure to the outside world by regularly taking them outside, showing them different places, allowing them to hear different kinds of music, showing them art works, helping them to draw and paint, creating different games that they can enjoy. This will help the child to improve their skill set and explore new horizons which will improve their self-esteem.

A few key points that every parent should follow while taking care of children with special needs are;

  • Focusing on their diet
  • Training kids on positive attitude
  • Physical activities
  • Mind sharpening exercises

At Jeevaniyam, we take care & emphasize children and parents, to empower them so that they can have a beautiful journey of life. We monitor the progress in a continuous manner and help them to achieve their goals. We constantly aid the parent with all the adequate tools and training which will help the parent to be in a positive mindset and constantly motivate the child in achieving a social smile. We provide courses for kids starting at a very young age. We do provide specialised training for the parents which enables them to handle the situations in an easy manner.

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