AGAM -Ayurvedic Guidelines for ASD Management

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AGAM -Ayurvedic Guidelines for ASD Management

As we all know, an autistic child is not ready to communicate with many people. Here we can empower you as a parent with our ayurvedic protocol which can be done at home. As a part of training of parents, all the family members are trained in administering the techniques of Yoga, Gut Therapy, Ayurvedic standards of living etc and they are supposed to impart them in their daily life. Gradually the child will find a harmony with people around and once the process started it will enhance the mingling of child with family members. Following the Ayurvedic diet and Ayurvedic daily routine will make the entire family’s immunity better and the general health of all will be improved. Training of parents also includes doing some ayurvedic treatments at home. This training will be imparted through various theoretical and practical sessions by various means of communication.


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