What does it Means?

Department of Clinical Yoga

Yoga is an age-old healing system practised in ancient India from Vedic ages. Yogadarsan is also a school of philosophy practised by Indian scholars. Yoga teaches us to control body & mind in a harmonious way. By practising yoga, a balance is attained between the person and his surroundings too. Yoga helps in bringing up harmony within a person and with his environment. Yoga is advised for healthy persons as a part of their daily routine to maintain positive health. Coming to medical aspects of Yoga, many practitioners are using Yoga therapy in the treatment of many diseases. It is called Clinical yoga when Yoga is used as part of treatment as a technique of therapy. Clinical yoga is very much effective in almost all medical conditions without any adverse effects. It is specifically beneficial in neuro developmental and behavioural disorders without any side effects like drowsiness, irritability or gastric problems. Yoga therapy brings balance to all systems without causing any harm. In special children, yoga therapy helps in improved concentration, memory, coordination and other parameters. 

We have our professional clinical yoga therapists to train the needed in a customised approach. We give Yoga training to parents of special children in a comprehensive method. Clinical yoga is best done for special children when the whole family follows the Yoga protocol beneficial for the entire family’s health. Here we give personalised yoga therapy to each child assessing the case & condition in detail. Along with Ayurveda medicines & treatments, training in clinical Yoga help improves the outcome to a higher extend. We provide a caring and friendly atmosphere for the child and parents to familiarise themselves with clinical yoga in the first sessions. We do not compel the child with the postures. It happens at a slow pace with parents actively involved. Our Yoga therapists do it with patience and care to every child in a comfortable & friendly way. 

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