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Sensory integration

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is a program based on various therapies and techniques, done by occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Sensory integration therapy can help special children learn to use all their senses in a harmonious way. It enhances the working of the sense organs of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing together normally. It is most helpful in Autistic Children where harmony is lost. The therapist can design and implement an individual program of sensory experiences for an autistic child. In autistic children, SI can help improve the conditions like repetitive or challenging behaviour as they can be a result of defective sensory processing.  Therapists also find that sensory integration therapy can help with other issues in autism, like lack of peer group play and altered emotional regulation. Autistic children can have trouble combining sensory information in normal & healthy ways. The idea of sensory integration therapy is to use physical activities and exercises to help children learn to interpret and use sensory information more effectively.  

At Jeevaniyam, we provide professional sensory integration therapy along with Ayurveda medicines & treatment in the needed cases. Tremendous improvement is seen in children when more than one therapies scientifically used in one child with proper Ayurveda treatment protocol. Ayurveda explains the role of sense organs, sensory pathways, mind, intellect and spirit in the perception of knowledge. All these organs work together for a sensory stimulus to become a perception. Any defect in any of these pathways can alter the sensation & the feeling of the person. Ayurveda also says that intellect controls the sensory organs through the mind. In such a case, both the physical and emotional realms should be addressed and managed in a proper way. Here at Jeevaniyam, we provide one to one sessions of Sensory Integration therapy to the child/person to tackle the sensory issues. Through different modalities, the child is able to deal with the sensory issues. We also provide home therapy activities to help to deal with such issues at home.


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