Pre-Conception Treatment

Are you a parent of a special child?

Pre-Conception Treatment

preconceptional treatment

Are you a parent of a special child? Are you worried about the health of your next child? Are you confused about whether to try for another baby or not? We have some points right for you to be noted. A special child is not a burden or a tragedy. Only great humans with immense virtue are selected as their parents and their love & patience are to be honoured. Still, they deserve more peace. Because in most cases, a special child continues to be special\the whole life. We have been familiar with the phrase; prevention is better than cure. But in the case of developmental disorders, prevention is the only cure. Yes, you heard it right. In most cases, developmental disorders are preventable if the couple family are ready to hold on to the guidelines for conception in Ayurveda.

A healthy baby is the dream of every couple. Nobody wants our flaws or bad gestures to be imprinted upon our baby. Rather everyone wants a perfect and beautiful baby when it comes to childbirth. What if it is almost possible? What if the physical mental and emotional strength of the baby can be enhanced by natural methods? Ayurveda deeply explains the measures to be followed by every couple before every pregnancy. It is a double bonus as it cleanses, detoxifies and strengthens the body of parents before conception. Yes, the theory is very simple. Only healthy parents can give birth to healthy babies. So, the best way to prevent any developmental disorder is to keep both parents in a state of positive health in all domains. The key to a healthy baby is a clean body free from metabolic wastes and a happy stress-free mind of parents. This will improve the quality of paternal cells which fuse to form the zygote which eventually develops into a healthy baby.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are complementary. The emotional state has a huge effect on reproductive hormones and that is why Ayurveda repeatedly advises both the parents to stay calm and happy. Ayurveda explains the effect of each negative emotion like fear, anger, grief etc of mother on the baby as disorders by birth. It emphasises the role of the positive emotional health of parents on the development of a healthy baby. Ayurveda says the pregnant woman should be considered as, we walk with a vessel full of oil, without spilling a drop of it. Utmost and intimate care should be ensured in all aspects.

Ayurvedic understanding of fertilisation and conception

When modern anatomy starts from the dissection of the dead, Ayurveda sareeram (anatomy) starts from the birth of life. It starts with the explanation of the female reproductive system and its peculiarities and then proceeds to the fertilisation of sperm & ovum to form the zygote. Ayurveda enumerates the size, shape and characteristics of the foetus month wise. There is also the description of the signs visible in the pregnant woman each month. By combining these characteristics, Ayurveda vaidyas assured the health of the baby inside the womb.

Before trying for a baby, both husband and wife should undergo a Panchakarma therapy session, as in house therapy under the supervision of an Ayurveda physician. It will take at least two weeks for one person and complete abstinence should be followed till the physician suggests. The treatment starts only after personal consultation and detailed evaluation. The needed lab tests and diagnostic reports should be taken. If one or both parents are affected with any disease, it should be managed first and then only the pre-conception treatment starts. It is very important especially in lifestyle disorders like diabetes, thyroid disorders etc. Levels of hormones are made sure to be normal before trying for conception. Usually, the in-house treatment includes internal medicines, procedure-based therapies along other therapies like yoga if needed.  

The medicines advised for each individual differs widely. They are not decided with a disease-medicine-age-dose formula. It is decided after evaluating ten factors like disease, dosha vitiated, age, place of residence, strength, season, body constitution, age etc. In such a way, the Ayurveda physician takes time to analyse the couple scientifically and a customised prescription is given. The internal medicines for generally healthy persons may aim at cleansing the body, detoxifying all systems and internal organs in the first phase. Medicines to enhance Agni (digestive fire) is given in the initial stages to improve absorption & assimilation of food and medicines. Any persons with a tendency to get recurrent fever & chills, swelling etc will be given medicines to reduce that tendency first. Medicines that support the body’s innate power to heal when combined with proper diet & lifestyle, miracles happen.

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Treatment Procedure

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Procedure based therapies include the Ayurveda Panchakarma or five-fold therapies. They are the main treatment procedures in Ayurveda, five in number, together form the base for the complete cleaning process of the body explained in Ayurveda. It is said in the texts that diseases cured by Panchakarma therapies never come back. Of course, it depends upon the diet and lifestyle of the person further, though. Panchakarma includes 5 therapies which are

  1. Vamanam – therapeutically induced vomiting with herbal medicines
  2. Virechanam – therapeutically induced purgation with herbal medicines
  3. Vasti – therapeutic enema done with medicated oils, ghees or decoction mixture.
  4. Nasyam – nasal drops done in high doses with medicated herbal formulations
  5. Raktamoksham – Bloodletting (This is done mostly in highly vitiated conditions of Pitta & Rakta only in strong persons)

First of all, the person should undergo the preparatory procedures. This section will make the person fit for the main treatment. These include herbal powder massage(udwartanam), oil massage(abhyangam), pouring of medicated warm liquids all over the body (dhaara) like dhanyamladhara, kashayadhara, or pizhichil. For some people, days of potalisweda (kizi or bolus massages) are also done. Treatment procedures are decided after detailed consultation.

After proper preparatory procedures, eligible persons are given suitable Panchakarma procedures. According to many variable factors like the dosha vitiation and body constitution, the treatment is decided as per individual need. In physically and emotionally strong people, more than one procedure is given for complete cleansing of the body systems. It should be done under the direct supervision of the experts only. After these procedures, metabolic waste products are removed from body channels and better circulation is ensured.

After the main procedures, the body becomes like a newly born, clean and fragile. Proper rest and diet regimen should be followed for the prescribed days till the complete strength is regained. A diet protocol starting from light & warm liquid foods without spices to a normal diet takes almost one week.

There is a special diet prescribed for husband and wife separately. Once the Panchakarma treatment and proper rest are over, the couple should maintain the directions in diet, lifestyle and regimen. With improved digestive power after Panchakarma & clean body systems, they are advised to take a nutritious diet at least for one month. Husband is advised to take cow’s milk and ghee. He is supposed to take sweet tastes & foods rich in natural fat. This should be done only after confirmed strong digestion. The wife is advised to take a diet with sesame and black gram. She is supposed to take spicy food with a pungent taste, rich in ginger, pepper, green chillies etc. Both parents should ensure sound sleep at night and avoid day sleep. Emotional stress and anger should be avoided as much as possible. Believers can be asked to do religious rituals and boost confidence. It is ideally good to try for the baby after three months.

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