Medical Management

In any medical condition, getting proper treatment is the most important. At Jeevaniyam we have a complete set of facilities that comprise Ayurveda treatments and therapies. We have treatment rooms set up with traditional Ayurveda tools like dhaara paathi. Along with organic herbal internal medicines, external therapies are administered. All the treatment procedures are done under the guidance of the physician only. 

Integrated Therapies

The role of integrated therapies in special children is accepted worldwide. No single medicine or treatment can help in the management of autism, CP or other developmental disorders. Along with Ayurveda medicines and treatment, Jeevaniyam provides professional care with needed integrated therapies. We have 8 different departments that can be found beneficial according to the condition. 

Training Programs

Having a team of equally skilled professionals make the task easier and more effective. We do not keep our wisdom to ourselves for our personal benefit. We offer many courses and training programs that share our experiences and knowledge with you. There are courses for doctors, parents and others who are keen on the care of special children.

Research Works

Learning never stops. It is a continued process. One treatment when found beneficial, we would like to make it reach as many as possible, to those who needed. We take every opportunity to implement our wisdom in needed people and we record it in a scientific way.  Jeevaniyam does research works for the future benefit of special children and their parents. 

How we do it?


What we do


Child care is our number one priority. We assure you that you child’s needs will be taken care of and will be in the safest hands.

We give you


We provide you with the best advice and solutions to make your child live a normal lifestyle and live in harmony.

We offer professional


Our professional qualities with state of the art facilities make your children feel secure at any stage of their lives and also make sure you feel Jeevaniyam is the best place for them.

Main Ayurveda treatment procedures


This is the administration of medicated ghee, oil, or decoction through the nostrils.

  • Benefits: stimulates smell and taste, improves vision, cures sleep disorders, improves speech production, helps in clarity of mind and thought, reduces complaints like upper respiratory tract infection, recurrent rhinitis, allergies etc.


This is powder massage on the body with dried roasted and powdered herbs in a rhythmic pattern.

  • Benefits: helps better tactile integration, acts as a detoxification procedure, corrects metabolism and blood flow, improves the mobility of the joints.


In this procedure, specific medicinal herbs are made into a paste in buttermilk and applied over the scalp and then the scalp is wrapped with banana leaves and cloth.

  • Benefits: highly beneficial in neurotic disorders. Helps improve sleep, attention and memory. Reduces irritability, restlessness and tantrums.


In this therapy, medicated milk is poured over the body and head for a stipulated time in a rhythmic pattern.

  • Benefits: Reduces hyperactivity and stress, corrects sleep pattern, enhances the digestive process and prevents indigestion, improves the clarity of thoughts, regulates energy (Ojas) etc.


It is a special body massage with medicated oil

  • Benefits: improves proper circulation, gives better physical strength, improves vision, regulates sleep pattern. It is used to improve overall health.


It is done by immersing the body in medicated decoction or oil to relax the whole body.

  • Benefits: good for sensory integration, relieves constipation and urinary infection, good for relaxation.


It is the fumigation of the bedroom with medicated powder before sleep

  • Benefits: good for sensory stimulation, induces sleep, acts as a disinfectant.

Paadaa abyangam

foot massage

Benefits: improves sleep patterns. Reduces irritability and stress.


Mukhaabhyangam or Orofacial massage

Special massages over the cheeks gum and tongue with Ayurveda medicines

Benefits: helps in speech stimulation, corrects oral sensory issues, improves the strength of facial muscles.

Siro Pichu

Cotton swap dipped in medicated oil is placed on the vertex after head massage

Benefits: Improves sleep pattern and concentration. Reduces irritability and stress. Relaxes the body and mind.



herbal powder mixed with medicated oil is applied on the vertex

  • Benefits: Reduces anger and irritability. Reduces recurrent respiratory infections and improves sleep patterns.

Professional medical services




Our team remains committed to what we do. Our unique skill set combined with our understanding helps is guide your child the proper way.



We’ve handpicked the best specialists across India to entrust them with your child to tender to his requirements.



we’ve achieved more than what we’ve received. We always take the right choice step by step to make sure we make no mistakes.



Our clients always choose us by the way we perform and providing the best for you and your child. our dedication and promise won’t compromise on any services and provide your child full support.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is one of the leading Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. We are specialised in the complete care and treatment of special children and children with developmental disorders. Located in the heart of the city of Cochin, we are easy to reach with your child whenever needed. We do not simply give treatment and medicines but use a holistic approach to get maximum results. We use authentic Ayurveda treatments along with world-class integrated therapies for the best outcome in a special child’s life.

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