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Has Your Child Achieved The Social Smile ?

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Special kids are very different from normal kids. They need more help in forming daily routine and healthy habits. In many cases, parents do not let the kids do their own chores due to various reasons. It may be from lack of time to perfectionism. For example, a special child takes more time to eat food and may spread food particles on the floor and make it a mess. It is easier for the parent to feed the child fast and finish the job without creating a mess. Some parents consider this as an issue of personal hygiene, too. But the truth is that, by this method, the child never learns to do chores on his own and slowly becomes completely dependent. This is not the way to help them to be able to live as matured adults in the future. Though in a slow pace, parents should let the special child try doing his chores on his own. It is not an easy task. It takes patience and active effort from parents. At Jeevaniyam we help you with training programs that enable you to do this with love, compassion and happiness. 

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