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Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital is committed to providing personalized and inclusive training for special children. Our approach is focused on identifying each child’s unique strengths, challenges, and sensory or organic issues, to design an individualized training plan that meets their specific needs. Our experienced team of special educators, caretakers, and therapists work closely with the child, the parents, and the doctors to ensure that the child receives comprehensive care, support, and guidance throughout their learning journey

Special kids are very different from normal kids. They need more help in forming a daily routines and healthy habits. In many cases, parents do not let the kids do their own chores due to various reasons. It may be from lack of time to perfectionism.

For example, a special child takes more time to eat food and may spread food particles on the floor and make it a mess. It is easier for the parent to feed the child fast and finish the job without creating a mess. Some parents consider this as an issue of personal hygiene, too. But the truth is that, by this method, the child never learns to do chores on his own and slowly becomes completely dependent.

This is not the way to help them to be able to live as mature adults in the future. Though at a slow pace, parents should let the special child try doing his chores on his own. It is not an easy task. It takes patience and active effort from parents. We help you with training programs that enable you to do this with love, compassion and happiness

Unlock your child’s full potential with Learning Ladders at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital. Our unique approach to education focuses on personalized learning, ensuring that each child receives the support they need to thrive.

Our experienced educators work closely with students to build strong foundations in academic, emotional, and social skills, giving them the tools they need to succeed in all areas of life. Discover the power of Learning Ladders at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital today.

Learning ladders is a unique concept by Jeevaniyam to identify the hidden talents and inner strength of special children and training them to be part of the inclusive world.  This will help the child find his own pace & harmony of living that can lead him to his destiny.

It includes basic training including feeding, toileting, social interaction and other daily activities. It is important to find the reason, like sensory or organic in each child and train him accordingly. Here a team of trained special educators, caretakers, and therapists work under doctors making it a complete team to train the child to become self-dependent and more confident. 

At Learning Ladders, we understand that parenting a special child can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our approach is based on patience, compassion, and positivity, helping you and your child overcome obstacles and achieve success together. We are committed to helping your child become a confident, self-sufficient, and well-rounded individual, and we invite you to discover the power of Learning Ladders at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital today.


A group of young children engaged in playful learning activities at Learning Ladders, a preschool and early childhood education center.

Sprouts – “Hatch Them Healthy & Catch Them Young”

Any habit is best incorporated when started at the earliest age possible. This is an early intervention unit in which we start training children of such a young age so that they can be molded into adults almost as normal as they can be.This program is headed by special educators, psychologist and is supported by care takers.


The main aim is to make the children adapt to a school environment which is the greatest challenge faced in ASD. By familiarizing the school environment, the program starts by prayer, physical exercise, academics support, healthy food & eating habits, fun games, playing, music, art & craft with recreational activities.


For Kids From 0-4 years.


The training program commences from morning 10.30 Am and the program will wind-up at 3.30 Pm

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Seedlings – “Teach Them To Learn & Shine”

It is almost similar to a preschool training program. At this age, children need to learn more social skills, proper communication, verbal skills and arithmetic skills. But at the same time, special children need to be considered for their specific medical condition too. Mostly they start facing big challenges from school especially in early years. Many special kids drop regular schooling due to lack of proper training & support. At Jeevaniyam, we have shaped this as a proper readiness program to familiarize the school environment and curriculum in a friendly manner.


The main aim is to help special kids to equip themselves to the inclusive education without much struggling. We give kids exposure to school environment prior to their actual schooling. 


For Kids From the 4 – 8 Years


This includes 3 days training and 3 days school exposure part time or full time. 

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Butterflies – “Lend Them A Hand, Help Them Fly High”

This is planned as an educational rehabilitation program for school-going children. The children often struggling with academics, gradually turn out to develop various behavioral issues and this tendency is highly dominant in the age group 9-14. Many cases of Learning Disabilities are diagnosed at this age in children with poor scholastic skills and academic performance.  


The aim is to provide regular counselling, physical activities, individualized academic support, extracurricular activities and identifying their talents we enable the children to channelize their anger and frustration in a positive manner with continued motivation and guide them on right track. 


For Kids From 9-14 years.


The program is scheduled at weekends from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

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butterflys LL
fireflys LL

Fireflies  – “Help Them Glow With Independent Living Skills”

The future of an autistic child is the greatest concern and cause of anxiety for the parents. The future is always dependent on how much living skills the child has acquired during the stages of growth. Age group from 14 to 20 is highly vulnerable with the rush of hormones along with the pathology of disease. It is most difficult time for the child and parent to cross the teen age physically and emotionally. But this is also an important stage in life that determines the future life.

This includes personality development and other training programs. To make an individual independent by adolescence the parent should start the training from early childhood. Most often parents don’t give an opportunity to develop their basic living skills like having food their own. It happens with personal hygiene and grooming also. Ultimately as the child grows, he or she becomes completely dependent. 


This training program is aimed not just to make the child have an independent life but for the overall harmony of the individual with himself or herself and with the surroundings. Vocational training programs are given in computer training, animation programs, Photoshop and graphics. We, at Jeevaneeyam help the child and parents to make the child self-reliant and self-sufficient to the maximum extent possible. It is done with programs like training to initiate a conversation and build it up to a social interaction, money concept, traffic rules, public dining, shopping and specific training in their area of interest and skills with yoga & physical training. 


For Kids From 14-20 Years.

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NIOS Training Program

At Jeevaniyam, children with learning problem or learning disabilities, autism and other associated conditions are given training to fulfill their NIOS exam. At present we are giving training in subjects like domestic data entry, English, Mathematics, home science, and painting class. The selected subjects of the children are given individual training and then they are supported to qualify their NIOS exam.


NIOS Scheme enables the children who needs support to do the academics at various levels like secondary, higher secondary etc.


For Kids Who Are Doing Secondary & Higher Secondary..


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