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Dr. Reshmi Pramod

Dr Reshmi Pramod Autism doctor

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The motive force behind Jeevaniyam is Dr Reshmi Pramod, a qualified Ayurveda Doctor hailing from an illustrious family of traditional Vaidyas, who has dedicated her life to the study of neuro-developmental disorders affecting children.  Her unparalleled passion and commitment stems from the fact that she herself is a differently abled person, having lost her eye-sight about 15 years ago.  The trauma she encountered through this mid-life disablement and the role of modern assistive technology in transforming her from being a handicapped person into a fully productive and confident medical professional made Dr Reshmi realize her mission in life – give hope and a new lease of life to special children and their shell-shocked and agitated parents.

Dr Reshmi Pramod has been pursuing research into the holistic treatment for children with neuro-developmental disorders, in close association with her Alma Mater VPSV Ayurveda college Kottackal KASRS, and Centre for Disability Studies Government of Kerala.



  • Dr Reshmi Pramod has carved a special place in the community of Ayurveda doctors and has clients both national and international as a provider of personalized Ayurveda based integrated healthcare with a scientific approach.
  • Defeating the challenge posed by her weakened eyesight with professional excellence and futuristic career vision, she has risen as the role model both as a person and as a professional.
  • Conducting regular socially committed activities for children with special needs, by providing integrated therapies, vocational training and rehabilitation.
  • Received first place for her research paper presentation in Integrated Ayurveda management in school going students with scholastic backwardness and ADHD.
  • She had also presented research papers and seminars for doctors, and various organisations.
  • She has been recognised by the Kerala Management Association for her services to children with special needs.
  • Awarded as an outstanding personality by Rotary Cochin International.
  • Recognised by various other NGOs and organisations in connection with her professional services and social services.

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