Agastya Protocol


What is Agastya protocol? AGASTYA is the name of a sage mentioned in ancient Indian literature. Here it is termed as an abbreviation of the medicines and therapies used as part of ASD protocol.


They act at various levels and manage the multi-dimensional disorder with physical and psychological issues. Ayurveda medicines are prescribed after detailed health profiling. It varies from individual to individual based on the numerous probabilities and conditions of ASD.


Ayurveda formulations made from many herbs and organic substances, treatment procedures, recommended changes in lifestyle and dietary intervention work together to correct the GIT issues or deranged metabolism. Gut flora are balanced by using detoxifying procedures in Ayurveda.


Modern world is always busy and fast. But we know the presence of biological clock in the human body and its effect on physical and emotional health. Ayurveda gives huge importance to performing a regular and timely protocol of daily routine (dinacharya) as a part of healthy standards of living. Here, the method of blending new modern life with healthy Ayurvedic standards of each daily routine like sleep & waking up, toileting, cleaning of teeth and tongue, exercise, bath and food are taught and familiarised in a practical way. Apart from taking food on a timely manner, there are many directions on food intake in Ayurveda. It may be as simple as taking fresh and warm food with all 6 tastes included in it or take food according to appetite rather than a time schedule. But it is also very important to avoid incompatible food items (viruddha aahara) as it can act as metabolic toxin in an ASD child. This section also deals with the importance of dining together and the need of a diet diary maintained.


Training for parents include minor Ayurveda procedures which has to be regularly practiced at home under the supervision or guidance of an Ayurveda physician, regularly even after the main course of treatment is done from the hospital (link course). When a long-term treatment is required, it is not practical to be in hospital throughout the year, we train the parent minor Ayurveda treatments which has to be followed at regular interval and other training programs which help to tune the harmonious living of the entire family.


Yoga training is given as part of AGASTYA protocol. A lot of positive changes are observed when the parent along with the children (the child affected with ASD and his/her siblings together) start to do the yoga regularly. Remarkable improvement has been noted in areas like the child’s eye contact, observation capacity, imitating capacity, lack of attention, irritability and in other areas of deficits in ASD.

Highlights Of Agastya Protocol At Jeevaniyam Ayurveda


  •  The main process includes detoxification, as metabolic toxins like mercury, ammonia etc play villain roles in ASD children.
  • All the medicines are herbal and organic without any primary or secondary adverse effects.
  • With various and condition-specific ayurvedic medicines and suitable diets, most of the gastrointestinal issues and dysbiosis are managed well.
  • It is evident that anyone treatment or therapy is not enough to manage ASD, may it be Ayurveda, speech therapy, CBT or any other. But integrating all these therapies like special education, speech therapy, psychology, ABA, OT, Sensory integration etc together with Ayurveda for one child with ASD, gives high and long-lasting results.
  • With such an integrative approach, most of the sensory issues are managed well.
  •  Any therapy with technical skills is expensive including Ayurveda. We can avoid the huge expensive admitted treatment procedures many times by training the parent to do some of the ayurvedic treatment procedures, which are high yielding to the child at home. It plays an important role in sensitising the child to Ayurveda procedures and controlling the disease pathology.
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