Managing Director and CFO Jeevaniyam Group

Adv. Pramod T P

He is the managing director of Jeevaniyam Skills and Private Limited, managing partner of Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and Research Centre, Head office at Jeevaniyam and managing Trusty of Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust.


  • Graduated in Law from JSS Law Mysore, in 1998.
  • Experience of more than 10 years handling civil and criminal cases at various levels of the Judiciary.
  • With his keen interest in Administrative And Logistics, he has taken a masters degree in Business Management from the National Institute of Business Management.
  • His commitment and dedication have enabled the organization to attain milestones in skill training programs (the second-best STP Award from Government Of Kerala, 2017-18), and earned reputations globally.


  • Adv. Pramod T. P is the backbone and strength of Jeevaniyam.
  • His personal commitment and involvement in handling not only the administrative affairs of the company but also the concerns of the parents of children with special needs have always been a great solace to them.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is one of the leading Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. We are specialised in the complete care and treatment of special children and children with developmental disorders. Located in the heart of the city of Cochin, we are easy to reach with your child whenever needed. We do not simply give treatment and medicines but use a holistic approach to get maximum results. We use authentic Ayurveda treatments along with world-class integrated therapies for the best outcome in a special child’s life.

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