Is your child or yourself, living with Autism?

We focus on combining most of the needed therapies with herbal Ayurvedic Medicines in an Integrated Approach. Autism is not a disease treated with a single medicine. It is a lifelong condition to be managed accordingly. Connecting with family and living in harmony with self and others around is the basic need and primary aim of any therapy.

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Does cerebral palsy make you or your beloved feel weaker?

It has been proven in many cases to help the child’s recovery, though partial. The dependency will be less and the child may express his ideas more successfully with proper treatment and training. In such a scenario, a combined effort by a team of physicians, well-trained therapists and parents can help the child to be better in movement, coordination and communication.

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Do you get tired of temper tantrums & irritability from your kid so often?

A kid throwing a tantrum in public places is not exactly ADHD. It takes proper diagnosis before starting treatment. ADHD is considered a mental as well as a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes lack of attention, difficulty to concentrate and hyperactivity in children. In Ayurveda, we have a special approach towards ADHD. It is explained that the body and mind are interconnected and this relationship is implemented in treatment.

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Do you think your child is having some unknown problem with academic studies?

Kids having problems in academic performance is not a new issue. But having a kid diagnosed with a learning disability can be alarming. Many parents get panic and frustrated. But this is not the way to handle it. A child when gets diagnosed with a learning disability, the parents realise the problem which in turn is the first step to its solution.

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Does your special child need personalised training?

Learning ladders is a unique concept by Jeevaniyam to identify the hidden talents and inner strength of special children and training them to be part of the inclusive world. This will help the child find his own pace & harmony of living that can lead him to his destiny.

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Behavioural Disorder in Children

Humans are social beings and we have certain rules and norms in society. Some children develop serious behavioural issues other than normal and age-appropriate temper tantrum, naughty gestures etc.

If you are looking for a holistic approach to manage and treat the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, Jeevaniyam Ayurveda autism treatment may be the solution for you. Ayurvedic principles focus on improving the overall health and well-being of the individual through natural remedies, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications. Ayurvedic doctors create personalized treatment plans based on the individual’s unique needs, including herbal medicines, massage therapies, and yoga practices.  Consider Jeevaniyam Ayurveda autism treatment for a natural and holistic approach to managing autism spectrum disorder.


Congenital Anomalies In Children

Having a healthy baby with normal functional growth and development are all parents desire. But due to various reasons, many babies are born with congenital anomalies. The exact cause of many such conditions is still unknown.


Musculoskeletal Disorders in Children

Kids are like blooming flowers, fresh, colourful and energetic they run everywhere. But some kids are not able to move freely as they want to. There are many conditions that affect the muscles or bones of the child restricting the child from free movement on will.


Preconception Treatment

A healthy baby is the dream of every couple. Nobody wants our flaws or bad gestures to be imprinted upon our baby. Rather everyone wants a perfect and beautiful baby when it comes to childbirth. What if it is almost possible?


Best Autism Treatment Hospital In Kerala, India

With our innovative blend of the goodness of Ayurveda, modern medical research, cutting-edge technology and proven tools. Jeevaniam offers the best autism treatment in Kerala, India. Read more to find out how your special child can have a future as bright and fulfilling as any of its peers. And, save yourself countless panic attacks and sleepless nights.

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speech and language pathology

Speech therapist working with a child during speech and language pathology treatment session in Kochi

Speech And Language Pathology

Speech and language pathology is a field of expertise practised by speech-language pathologist. It is beneficial mainly in speech and communication disorders. It is done in cases like stroke where the speech is lost, but most commonly this department deals with children with developmental or communication disorders.

Psychology And Behavioural Management

Psychologist providing behavioral management treatment to a child during therapy session in Kochi

Psychology And Behavioural Management

Behaviour is a very familiar term in our daily lives but in psychology, it is the reaction of an organism to its external environment. In human life, this mainly includes the reaction to the words and deeds of other people around. As social beings, we have set a social norms and standards for behaviour in public and in family & relationships.

Educational Rehabilitation

“Doctor assisting children during educational rehabilitation treatment session in Kochi“

Educational Rehabilitation

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. It is the acquisition of many skills, knowledge, values and habits. This is a lifetime process starting from birth to death informally. But formal education starts in the toddler stage as pre-primary schools. It is a continuous system with many levels of school and college studies.


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Dr. Reshmi Pramod (Founder, CEO of Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital, Promoter Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust)


The motive force behind Jeevaniyam is Dr Reshmi Pramod, a qualified Ayurveda Doctor hailing from an illustrious family of traditional Vaidyas, who has dedicated her life to the study of neuro-developmental disorders affecting children. Her unparalleled passion and commitment stems from the fact that she herself is a differently abled person, having lost her eye-sight about 15 years ago. The trauma she encountered through this mid-life disablement and the role of modern assistive technology in transforming her from being a handicapped person into a fully productive and confident medical professional made Dr Reshmi realize her mission in life – give hope and a new lease of life to special children and their shell-shocked and agitated parents.
Dr Reshmi Pramod has been pursuing research into the holistic treatment for children with neuro-developmental disorders, in close association with her Alma Mater VPSV Ayurveda college Kottackal KASRS, and Centre for Disability Studies Government of Kerala.

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