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Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and language pathology is a field of expertise practised by speech-language pathologist. It is beneficial mainly in speech delay and communication disorders. It is done in cases like stroke where the speech is lost, but most commonly this department deals with children with developmental or communication disorders. It is always advisable to start speech therapy as early in life as possible for better results. Kids who start therapy sessions before three years show a remarkable improvement compared to older children. During speech therapy sessions, the SLP interacts with the child through various play and talks of their interest using age-appropriate toys, pictures and different child-friendly activities to stimulate speech and language development.

We are the best Speech Therapy in Kochi, we give speech & language therapy to the needed patients along with Ayurveda medicines & treatment. While the internal issues & disease pathology are addressed with Ayurveda, the SLP can help training for the muscles & organs involved in speech. SLP also improves modes of personal interactions & communication. In special children, it will be age-appropriate and child friendly along with Ayurveda treatment.

We provide face to face speech therapy sessions for the children individually. Initially, the SLP will assess the child and diagnose the problem. A discussion and consultation with other departments are also arranged if needed. With the clinician’s consent, the treatment plan and therapy sessions are planned. This is set up with respect to the child’s condition using appropriate test materials. Each goal will be set considering the child’s needs and baseline. 

speech delay - and Language Pathology

Parents are interviewed thoroughly during the case history to know the child and parents. We also provide online sessions particularly for parents to guide the child in the right way. The parent can monitor the child at home and home exercises will be given for continued improvement. At Jeevaniyam it is an open space for parents and children to share their concerns and needs.

Conditions we work with include:



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