Certificate Course In Ayurvedic Autism Management


This is a short-term course at Jeevaniyam that will empower you to become a professional in the management of ASD in all aspects. We teach you the basic principles of Ayurveda like the concept of:

  • Agni
  • Aama
  • Visha
  • Gara, etc

Integrative therapies like CBT, psychology, sensory integration, speech therapy, OT etc which are inevitable in ASD also included in this course and the classes are led by experienced professionals. You can learn the A-Z of ASD from the experts and have an active interactive session where all your doubts can be cleared. So be ready to strengthen your wings and fly high in the sky of healing. Let extensive knowledge and endless compassion join here to help the needy people find solace.


Certificate Course In Management of Learning Disability And Hyperactivity

This course is designed to train professional to understand the underlining causes of poor scholastic performance and differentiate specific learning disorder and support the school going children improving the academic skills, confidence and thereby settling their behavioral problems.

Siblings engaged in a supportive interaction, symbolizing the nurturing of sibling bonds while addressing aggressive behaviors in autistic children.
Ayurvedic Guidelines For ASD Management


As we all know, an autistic child is not ready to communicate with many people. Here we can empower you as a parent with our ayurvedic protocol which can be done at home. As a part of training of parents, all the family members are trained in administering the techniques of Yoga, Gut Therapy, Ayurvedic standards of living etc and they are supposed to impart them in their daily life.


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