Nurturing Summer Wellness: Ayurvedic Guidance for Children with Autism


Nurturing Summer Wellness: Ayurvedic Guidance for Children with Autism

As the scorching sun takes center stage, ushering in the vibrant hues of summer, it’s crucial to recognize the impact of this seasonal shift on our bodies, particularly for children with autism. The rising temperatures intensify the challenges for these kids who often grapple with heightened sensitivity. For those who are non-verbal, communicating the discomfort caused by the heat can be a daunting task, leading to increased irritability and hyperactivity. During this season, the dominant Pitta dosha in their bodies tends to amplify, further exacerbating their symptoms.

To navigate these challenges, introducing modifications to the diet and daily routine becomes imperative. Aligning their biological rhythm with the changing climate is key to fostering a more harmonious summer experience. Embracing Ayurvedic principles, we delve into dietary adjustments and lifestyle changes to offer relief and balance.

It is recommended to steer clear of citrus foods during the summer months for children with autism. Instead, incorporating cooling elements such as cucumber and maintaining hydration levels becomes crucial. While buttermilk is often hailed as a summer elixir, its suitability for kids with autism remains debatable. Hence, opting for Amala decoction proves to be a beneficial alternative. Furthermore, tweaking their daily routine by encouraging two baths a day aids in dissipating excess heat, promoting a more comfortable state for these children.

At Jeevaniyam, we understand the unique needs of each child and take a personalized approach to address them. In our commitment to summer wellness, we craft individualized diet and routine plans, tailoring them to the specific requirements of every child. Our summer camps not only provide a nurturing environment for these kids but also offer special sessions for parents, guiding them on how to cater to their children’s distinct needs during this season of heightened challenges. Acknowledging the ripple effect on parents, we extend our support through activities like yoga and mentoring to ensure a holistic approach to well-being during the summer months.

In essence, as we embrace the warmth of summer, let us also embrace a mindful approach to the well-being of children with autism. By incorporating Ayurvedic wisdom into their lives, we can create a season of tranquility, growth, and joy for these extraordinary individuals and their families.

Join us in this journey as Jeevaniyam launches its summer camp in April and May, providing a space for growth, learning, and connection.

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