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Autism Spectrum Disorder


Ayurveda treatment for autism focuses on restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit, which is believed to be essential for overall well-being.The management of autism spectrum disorder becomes a great challenge as the disease manifests clinically in different forms.

The signs and symptoms vary from children to children, in many cases. A single diagnostic test is not there and the disease runs in a chronic and lifelong pathogenesis. Although there are a group called as Autistic syndrome, each affected child may show very different clinical presentations. Individualized and customized medical management and other therapeutical interventions should be planned based on the issues present in each child affected. 

Handling ASD needs special skill and expertise as the child may not be ready to communicate with the doctor or therapist properly and hence the examination takes time more than usual. Immense care and patience only can help the treatment move forward successfully.

At Jeevaniyam, we manage autism with a unique blend of Ayurveda and the globally accepted integrated therapies like Sensory Integration Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Individualized Education Programs, Music Therapy and others as needed.  

To enable the parent to make the child attain a stage of harmony, we follow the treatment procedures and therapies based on a unique AGASTYA PROTOCOL, which is a research work done at Ayurveda college Kottakkal under the ministry of Ayush. It is a holistic method that combines the most effective and needed therapies adopted worldwide, along with Ayurveda medicines for a complete approach towards a better life for the ASD child.

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We manage autism at 2 levels: metaphysical and biological level.

  • At metaphysical level the consciousness (the energy), mind and sense organs are considered. Imbalance and impairment in such levels are managed by combining integrated therapies and life style management protocol advised in Ayurveda. 
  • At biological level we treat body, mind and consciousness including both physical level and psychic levels.

Management of ASD at the level of body or physical level:

 Considering the body functions, ASD primarily alters the gastrointestinal system. So, in physical level, our primary aim is to correct the digestive mechanism or GIT issues. The children have deranged metabolism and as a result, various types of endogens toxin and exogenous toxins are present in their blood. The primary aim of the Ayurveda treatment at physical level is the correction of the altered GI functions and deranged metabolism thereby clearing the system from the metabolic toxins. Psychiatric complaints are very often relieved by regulating the metabolism. Brain pathologies like sensory issues and behavioural problems are also managed at the physical level, considering gut flora, small intestine or minicolon pathologies and clearing the gut-brain axis.  

Management of ASD at the level of the consciousness or metaphysical level

The word consciousness will lead us to the thought about the Sanskrit term Athma or the spirit. There are so many practises all over the world, claiming to cure the soul. But for an Ayurveda clinician, the term consciousness or athma is beyond the concept of soul. It can be simply understood as the vital life force or the energy of each living individual, explained as Ojas in Ayurveda. Correction of the biological rhythm is the most important part in enhancing Ojas. It can be done by combining Ayurveda treatments and the integrated therapies in a judicial way. 

Properly combining the components of AGASTYA protocol along with sensory integration and other integrated therapy sessions for the child, improvement of the psychosocial aspect of the  entire family follows along with remarkable improvement in the child’s hyperactivity, speech & language deficits, eating problems and other issues associated with ASD.

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