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Department of Psychology and Behavioural Management

Psychology and Behavioral Management

Behavioral Management is a very familiar term in our daily lives but in psychology, it is the reaction of an organism to its external environment. In human life, this mainly includes the reaction to the words and deeds of other people around. As social beings, we have set a social norms and standards for behaviour in public and in family & relationships. Due to various reasons, this can be shattered in many persons. When the behaviour is not proper or suitable to the environment, it is considered as a behavioural disorder which needs behavioural therapy. It can affect any person but it is more common in children. 

Behaviour modification is the field of psychology that analyzes and modifies human behaviour. This Behavioural modification in clinical psychology often called behaviour therapy is applicable in the treatment of a wide range of human problems. Behaviour modification procedures help children overcome temper tantrums, bedwetting, aggressive behaviours, bad manners and other common behavioural issues. It helps children with skills like improving eye contact, taking turns following instructions etc. It is psychotherapy, to modify the inappropriate behaviour pattern by reinforcing more adaptive behaviours. Behaviour therapy is also used to teach practical and relevant skills to children with developmental delay, cognitive delay, ASD, ADHD, conduct disorder, learning disorder, Behavioural Disorder and other childhood psychological disorders.
Jeevaniyam, the best Behavioural Therapy in kochi, we combine behavioural therapy with Ayurveda treatment in needed cases. Ayurveda explains the various possibilities with physical or psychiatric conditions that can alter normal behaviour including toxins. Proper diet, lifestyle, medicines & therapies can help the person lead a better-quality life. At Jeevaneeyam, we first conduct psychological assessments through standardized tools and then use evidence-based behaviour therapy techniques accordingly. Our team takes time to give personalized training to each child in a customized approach.

The therapist teaches social skills, cognitive skills, self-help skills, adaptive and academic skills based on age-appropriate developmental milestones. We focus on early intervention for children diagnosed with multiple disabilities. It may remediate the existing developmental problem or prevent the occurrence. It is always important to start therapy as early as possible because the initial patterns of learning and behaviour set the pace and influence of the nature of development.

Psychology And Behavioural Management


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